About Capitol Kickline

WHO: All Central PA Dancers

WHERE:  The Capitol Steps in Harrisburg, PA
WHEN: April 15, 2018 @ 12:30 pm


In 1999, Capitol Kickline was created by Janice Brougher, owner and artistic director of a local dance studio, to celebrate National Dance Week in Central Pennsylvania. Carol Wevodau joined Janice as Co-Chair of the event a few years later. Capitol Kickline is a free event open to dancers of all ages.  The event has truly become a tradition for this region gaining more support every year.  There is a nominal registration fee for those participating in the workshops held during the day. 

Capitol KicklineA truly unique and fun event, hundreds of dancers gather each year for the fun and festivities. Join in the celebration of National Dance Week.  The National Dance Week coalition, first launched in 1981, purpose being to promote and encourage the art of dance in America.  Since the inception of the initiative, support and participation has grown rapidly nationwide, with literally thousands of events occurring across the nation during the 10-day spread.